All I Need is to Plan (a little bit)

I have this spectacular vision. It is set 5 years in the future where all my greatest dreams have come true. I have it all – the house, the car, the prosperous business, the family…it’s a life that I have always wanted to create. Perfect! I have the vision. What next?? Ah, I need the perfect plan of course. Planning is always the key. Fail to plan, plan to fail, amiright? So I spend days, even weeks planning, devising the fail proof plan that will get me there. Taking bigger goals and slicing them down to smaller goals and then daily actions. I have the timeline all drawn out. First year goals, second year goals, third year goals and so on. Every detail, every action, every turn all planned out. Nothing can stop me now! The next day Covid-19 causes a worldwide shutdown and the whole game changes. Dammit! Now I need to create a new plan…but then the future fear kicks in. What if it doesn’t go according to plan again? What if I won’t know what to do when I am side swiped by another pandemic or world changing phenomenon? That all too familiar fear of future uncertainty seeping in to my fortitude of determination. And what of this whole planning method? I know that planning helps prepare me and determine the plan of action. Will my plan always need to change? The truth is…It will most definitely will. The game always changes and so does the plan. So what’s the lesson then? The lesson is: We don’t need to plan everything out to start today on our goals.

Planning and preparation are great but when it comes down to what drives progress and results it is coming back to what is right in front of us. Visions are incredibly powerful, don’t get me wrong. I am a big believer in knowing where we are heading to create the path forward. What I am suggesting though is that we spend 90% of our time in the present. Acting on what is in front of us right now, because the game is always changing. Future pondering is only beneficial in small servings to reconnect with our vision. But planning out every detail is time consuming and doesn’t serve our goals as powerfully as staying present does. Broken down into a simple process there are basically three steps. Step 1) Ask and answer, “what do I want my life to be like in five years?” Step 2) Ask and answer, “what do I need to do today to get me closer to my goal?” Step 3) Full Nike send and JUST DO IT!

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